Information system on the DNA barcodes of myxomycetes
An online resource for quality-checked nucleotide sequences of myxomycetes linked to herbarium specimens of fruit bodies with reliable taxonomic determination and accompanied with metadata. The aim of MyxoSeq is to provide a curated collection of reference sequences, with the first part of 18S rRNA gene accepted as the main DNA barcode for the group, which can be used for taxonomic annotation of the specimens of sporocarps, living cultures and environmental sequences. Taxonomic annotation of sequences is checked based on specimen morphology, position in molecular phylogeny and similarity to other sequences.
Administrator: Oleg Shchepin • Developer: Andrey Matveev • Supervisors: Yury Novozhilov, Martin Schnittler
Myxomycetes of Russia
Information system on myxomycete distribution in Russia
Database contain data from all available bibliographic sources on myxomycete biodiversity in Russia. The aim of the resource is to provide an open access to data in various formats (species checklists for regions, geographical distribution of particular species, etc.) and it can be useful for floristic, biogeographical, taxonomic researches. It is not the aim to perform a full critical revision of literature sources, and provided data is compiled in accordance to original works.
Administrators: Fedor Bortnikov, Andrey Matveev • Supervisor: Vladimir Gmoshinskiy • Contributors: Yury Novozhilov, Inna Zemlyanskaya, Anastasia Vlasenko, Martin Schnittler, Oleg Shchepin et al.